About The Debriefing App

Opportunities to learn, to improve and to change are often lost in post-session reviews. Poorly conducted debriefs do not add value to a workshop.

In July 2017, Julian Kea and Chris Caswell got the brilliant idea to improve the debriefing of facilitated sessions. They found the key to achieving deeper insights on the issues raised in workshops and meetings.

Under the CC BY 4.0 license, they made The Debriefing Cube - a set of playing cards - available as a pdf download for fellow facilitators to print and deploy themselves.

In February 2020, Professional Play translated The Debriefing Cube into Dutch. And in June 2023, they realised this online version, The Debriefing App. For themselves. For fellow facilitators. And for everyone else who wants to properly debrief sessions facilitated by them!

Benefits of The Debriefing App

As a facilitator you will maximise the value of your exercises, interactions, games and simulations by expanding your debriefing skills.

Your participants will maximize their opportunity to learn and improve from the experiences you lead.