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How to use The Debriefing App?

You can have The Debriefing App ask questions in two ways: in order - with the slider to the left - or in random order - with the slider to the right.

Press the start button and The Debriefing App starts.

A (random) debriefing question appears with three in-depth questions underneath. The follow up questions are shown blurred.

When the conversation matures, consider spicing it up with the follow-up questions. Click on the follow up questions to display them.

Move to the next debriefing question when it feels right.

Six perspectives for powerful reflection

Goal Explore how it began and their understanding of the goal.
Process Explore the series of events that happened.
Group dynamics Explore behaviours they observed in themselves and from others.
Communication Explore what they thought, heard and said.
Emotions Explore their feelings and the impact on what happened.
Take-away Explore what they found interesting, insightful or inspirational!

Good to know

At any time, you can switch between debriefing questions in order or in random order.

In random order, you will not get questions twice because The Debriefing App keeps track of which debriefing questions have already been shown.

We do not store personal data and do not share data with third parties.